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Appointment Setting Company

A dedicated telemarketing and appointment setting company backed by 10 years of experience delivering quality results

In todays world there are few businesses that don’t use telemarketing for setting appointments.From Fortune 500 companies to small one man band businesses - all use an appointment setting company to save on time and resources.
Savvy business managers invest over 90% of their marketing budget in appointment setting.

Business Beanstalk’s Appointment Setting Services will give you that face-to-face meeting.You will have the decision maker's undivided attention!

There is nothing that generates more impact and nothing more powerful than a direct face-to-face meeting with a potential customer.

Try our All Cost-Inclusive 100 hour Pilot Program
starting at $16/Hour Today!

We pride ourselves on providing quality service to every client. BusinessBeanstalk has achieved a solid record of growth by doing what it takes on a timely basis and providing direct, immediate service carefully tailored to each client's needs. Our agents are all college graduates and seasoned professionals with many years of telemarketing experience. They report to a central office and are equipped with the latest CRM and auto dialers in the industry. With the tools and skills they have, processing your lead list and distilling it to warm and hot appointments are very attainable tasks.

Not only will we provide outstanding expertise, we can do it at a lower rate than other firms. In terms of price, telemarketing agencies normally charge upwards of $20 per hour. We only charge $15.99 per hour. Our minimum is 100 hours of calling. Our rates are all-inclusive, and include the following excellent services:

  1. Script Development and Adaptation - Our Scripting Department will work hand in hand with you to prepare a stellar script built for getting those appointments. If you already have a script, we can work off that and adapt to it.
  2. Agent Training - agents will familiarize themselves with your campaign, your products/services, and the script well before the start date. You can also do mock-calls with them prior to the campaign start-date.
  3. All Toll Fees Nationwide - from New York to California, and even including Canada, no extra fees will be charged.
  4. Hours of Agent Calling - Each hour you purchase is a "calling hour". We only charge for hours spent making the calls and not the hours spent doing reports or going to the bathroom.
  5. Daily or Weekly Reporting -We will send you the call log and appointment file daily. We constantly update you with your campaign and call metrics, and can immediately change our script and techniques with your approval. At the end of the campaign, we will return the full database to you with all fields updated, if needed.

Telemarketing is not only a numbers game but is dependent on the skills of the call agent. We simply have the best value for your money.

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